Cheryl Lawson (Bezuidenhout) – Author

Welcome. This website offers readers a place to learn more about me as a writer. I have book listings, a blog I try to keep up to date with fun content (author interviews, musings on my journey as a writer, events, etc.)
Some of you may have noticed I go by two names – Cheryl Bezuidenhout and Cheryl Lawson. The second is my pen name for my fiction work (mainly in science fiction). The media company I own (along with my partner) distributes my books under the umbrella of the SW imprint.

  • I was recently invited to do a talk via Zoom by the Thompson Nicola Regional Library and the Kamloops Society of the Written Arts. It was a real honour to be asked to do the talk and I chose to focus on how science fiction and society share a connection – how one influences the

  • You may have seen it. You may even have downloaded it during the Leap Year promotion run at the end of February. Either way, it’s out there in its third edition. We Are Mars has greeted 2020 in style with a cover refresh, brand new graphics plates and a complete revision on the text to

  • January. It’s a month that conjures some of our darkest memories and stirs depression with its heavy spoon of post-holidays malaise. Most of the northern hemisphere dreads the beginning of January not only for the fact that it ushers in another period of debt and relentless work obligations, it does so with an icy hand,

    • January 8, 2020

    Yes, it’s time to get serious about 2020. This is the year I finish my Rubicon series, write my first sci-fi mystery and hopefully conquer my self-doubt. What about you? What are your goals for this fresh year? Do you even have goals, or is that more for us plotters out there? I find even