What Readers Are Saying About ‘We Are Mars’.

We Are Mars is celebrating its one month anniversary and readers are already loving the book. Here’s some of the feedback I’ve received in past weeks:

“I’m not normally into science fiction, but this is a real page turner!”

“I enjoyed the characters and their the story arc as well as the fact that the antagonists were complex, not pure evil. Very imaginative.”

We Are Mars is a fantastic, fast-paced science fiction story about humans living on the planet Mars. What I liked about the novel was that it was utterly believable (which a lot of sci-fi is not). I could really imagine that life on Mars is possible.”

I enjoyed it very much and I think that you have a winner here.”

“I have to say, I’m digging it.”

There are several copies out there in the hands of readers right now and I am waiting anxiously as they finish reading the story of Rubicon and all the challenges they face living on Mars. I’m grateful to all who have provided such encouraging and positive feedback and I appreciate the time taken to help get the word out there about We Are Mars.

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