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Pre-release of Storm At Dawn: writing is a process and the launch is not the beginning, it’s the middle.

A little over a year ago, I only had one novel. I was a bit panicked because I’d set a precedent and I had to write a follow-up to We Are Mars. To say I was intimidated, is an understatement! How was I going to write a new book to compete and compare to a great story that was being well-received? And how was I going to do it in the set time I had given myself? I had the additional challenge of marketing a brand new release and building my author platform. I was intimidated, scared and highly motivated.

I set out with the premise rather firmly in my head and, as usually happens, the story more or less evolved. It went through some rough spots, I won’t lie. There were sections that I knew I’d have to rewrite. Yet, the deadlines loomed and the workload for marketing We Are Mars escalated.

This book was tough to produce. I questioned everything – was it any good, was it going to come out on time, was I actually going to carry on being a writer?

There were days when the answer to these question was a resounding, “No!” There were days when it was a timid, “Maybe.” But there have been plenty of days when the answer was, “Hell, yeah!” Those are the days I have focused on and felt were small victories in themselves, because producing a book is a trial. There is so much work to do, and that’s before you even get to the end of the writing phase!

That all aside, there are people who need to be thanked for their tremendous support and encouragement. My husband and son are superstars for putting up with me and my writing shenanigans. Friends and family have been great at providing the cheerleading from the sidelines. The people in industry – the beta readers, the editors and advanced review readers have all made an amazing contribution. Yes, there were difficult times. Yes, there were setbacks and delays. But, the book got done. It’s finished and in pre-release. I am happy and satisfied that it is a worthy sequel to We Are Mars and sets up the final book in the Rubicon Saga nicely. However, unlike Storm At Dawn, Break the Dark will take a little longer to come to market.

I need a break, folks. It’s been an incredible year, but I’m burned out. I’m too busy to focus on the writing and give the book the value it is due. In the interim, I’ll be working on marketing and setting the first two books up nicely, and thinking through the plot of the final book. When will I start writing? Well, I already have, but the rest will come on those days when I feel inspired and energised. I anticipate that taking my foot off the gas will allow me to get this book done well ahead of deadline, but I’m not stressing either way.

In the meantime, enjoy We Are Mars and Storm at Dawn. I am proud of my book babies and hope they are a pleasure to read!