INTERVIEW: Rebecca Yelland Tells Us More About Indie Connect Books

I arranged this interview with Indie Connect Books founder, Rebecca Yelland,

to shed a bit of light on one of the more exciting things happening in the writing community on social media. Rebecca is passionate about supporting independent authors and was happy to answer some questions for me. More information about indieconnectbooks.com is below the Q&A.

Q1. Tell us a little about Indie Connect – what inspired it and how does it work?

Indie Connect is a website dedicated to featuring the best of Indie books. Not to be confused with a direct distributor of books, but rather, the books are linked to their specific point of purchase. Each author is in full control of their sales. My job is to simply create a visually appealing site to encourage readership. Visitors can browse the categories and click on the “Learn More” links to view the full synopsis and purchase information.

The inspiration for this site came from watching many of my fellow indie authors struggle with marketing and getting their books seen by a larger audience. After months of promoting authors on twitter with individual graphic ads, I decided a permanent and more organized catalog was needed. And with that, the idea for Indie Connect was born. It has been a true labor of love creating this site. Especially seeing the works of authors who would otherwise have no avenue for marketing, proudly represented. Indie authors have a hard road to promotion. This is my small way of helping the underdog.

Q2. What sort of reader response have you had to the site? Have you got specific feedback you’d like to share of a reader experience that has been shared with you?

Readership has been difficult to track. Currently, there is no analytic system to determine hits on the site vs. actual sales since they are directly connected to the author’s point of purchase. Although several authors have indicated an increase in sales. The site is averaging about 2000 hits a month and growing. But it’s still in the infant stages. With more authors, comes more awareness. And of course, word of mouth is the best marketing in town!

Q3. How many independent authors are currently represented on the site?

Right now, there’s approximately 120 indie authors with anywhere from 1-3 books listed each on the site. I get an average of 3 requests per week that need to be vetted.

Q4. What are the authors saying about Indie Connect that you would like to share?

Here’s just a few:

Dawn Hosmer – Indie Connect is a beautiful site and a much-needed resource for the indie author community. The ads that Rebecca creates and shares on social media for the books on the site are beautiful and have resulted in sales. What a tremendous resource from a talented lady!

Patrick Johnson – I can say there are random sales that AMS isn’t taking credit for so I can only blame Indie Connect.

Francine Garson – Indie Connect is a valuable resource and source of support for indie authors. The site is beautiful and professional. Rebecca Yelland has been a talented, generous, and longtime supporter of the writer’s community. We are all lucky to have her in our midst!

DC Wright-Hammer – It’s obvious that Indie Connect is dedicated to finding the best indie books out there, making it an amazing site to work with for indie authors and readers alike. I’m honored to have my titles among the great books available on the site.

Bella Rayne – I love your site Rebecca and I was so excited that you wanted my book on Indie Connect. It still brings tears of joy every time I think about it. You have been incredible to me I am grateful. Thank you!

Q5. Where do you see the site going in the next year?

As funds allow, I’m hoping to branch out to more aggressive marketing strategies. I’d like to add sponsored ads and/or place ads for Indie Connect where they will be most visible to readers.

Q6. Any special events, upcoming site news you’d like to share?

I will be adding an author interview section in the near future, along with some holiday activities. I’m not sure what those will be just yet. But my mind is ticking!

For more information go to indieconnectbooks.com or follow on social media: Twitter and Instagram.

Thank you to Rebecca for answering my questions.