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New year, break’s over.

Yes, it’s time to get serious about 2020. This is the year I finish my Rubicon series, write my first sci-fi mystery and hopefully conquer my self-doubt. What about you? What are your goals for this fresh year? Do you even have goals, or is that more for us plotters out there? I find even setting loose targets helps me navigate my days without too much meandering. I am more effective and it also makes me feel more secure knowing I have a plan that I should try to stick to.

The first thing I need to do is figure out some writing priorities and work on those. This will involve dedicated blocks of time spent writing and completing first drafts I have started of both fiction books I’m currently working on. After a two week hiatus, it feels good to get back to the keyboard. My brain is busting with stories and it’s time to get them out on paper. It also pleases me to know there are people out there anxiously awaiting the last of my Rubicon Saga books, Break the Dark. It adds a bit of pressure to know they are waiting on its completion, but at the same time, I am thrilled that I am developing a dedicated fan base.

Me holding the paperback version of Storm At Dawn, Book Two of the Rubicon Saga.

Next I am planning to devote time to marketing and advertising which slid a bit towards the end of 2019. I lost confidence in my material and withdrew from punting my beautiful book babies because I felt they were undeserving of attention and might attract further scorn. I feel better knowing I am working to remedy that with a third edition of We Are Mars which will also include bonus material to celebrate the story. Maps and graphics are in the works for the new edition and it should be available in the Spring. I plan to submit it to Readers Favorite again and also get it into libraries, as I feel it is an excellent story and deserves an audience.

This is where all that self-doubt has worked to undermine my efforts. As mentioned above, I did not put in the effort to market my books well in the last part of 2019. When a writer loses faith in their work, it can derail them and their books or other work. I resolve to not let other people’s opinions become mine. I resolve to allow readers the opportunity to decide for themselves whether or not they like my Rubicon Saga books. I owe it to the story and I owe it to myself; for the years I have spent crafting this tale.

As creatives, our greatest enemy is self-doubt. It cripples us and erodes our creativity and verve. When we don’t believe in ourselves, how can we expect others to believe in us? I hope that 2020 is the year I am not my my own worst critic. Moving forward, subverting my inner cynic is one of my top priorities. Giving myself over to the fun and enjoyment of creativity is more important than what someone else may think of my work because, in the end, it is the inner joy the process gives me that keeps me going and keeps me crafting stories. It is the creativity itself that manifests more creativity. And without it, I am not a whole person. I have felt robbed of that in the past, and maybe I am maturing in my confidence as a writer, but I’ll be damned if I let someone snuff out my creativity again.

Here’s to all the other writers out there facing a new year and new challenges. May 2020 be a great year of creative heights and experience. May you be blessed with stories readers love and have more pouring out onto pages for you to share with the world.

You can find my books, We Are Mars and Storm At Dawn on Amazon.

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US: amzn.to/35v8dSK

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