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ESSAY – The Art & Soul of “Adulting” (Pt 2.)


It’s a month that conjures some of our darkest memories and stirs depression with its heavy spoon of post-holidays malaise. Most of the northern hemisphere dreads the beginning of January not only for the fact that it ushers in another period of debt and relentless work obligations, it does so with an icy hand, in the dark and dragging the flu virus around with it like a feverish toddler.

Yes, January is an ugly month. It is the one to forget. It is the one we all need to survive through and it is never over soon enough.

But this January has outdone previous Januaries in malicious ways I’ve not seen in a decade or more. The challenges of the month included some testing times for me personally, as well as those close to me. It has been the month of screw-ups, bad decisions and awful – just AWFUL – weather. Could it get any worse? Maybe! There are still about ten days left in which to smite us. This month is not done with us yet. I have had to drag myself out into a snowstorm to shovel snow which blew right back in my face, hauled myself around on errands and school runs while seriously sick because there were no other options and had to brave major sub-zero temperatures while doing so. I’ve lost my voice and almost my sanity, had to care for stressed relatives and family members and cleaned up an inordinate amount of cat vomit.

Adulting in January has SUCKED. I mean S-U-C-K-E-D-!
And through it all, I’ve kept going. I think that is the key.

We can’t give up. We’re not really allowed to. What would happen if we didn’t do the errands, pay the bills, wash the clothes and do the thousands of things required of us each month simply because it becomes too hard to manage? The world would scootch us out of the way and carry on. That’s what would happen. No one really has the time to care that we are not coping in a month that has asked so much from us and will come back for more.

The only solution is to dig into our reserves of tenacity, perseverance, resilience and get on with it. It’s going to stink. The weather is going to be wild and the nights long, but when we can say we’ve managed to scrape through another day, we’ll find the strength to get through the next and the next, and so on. Pretty soon, Spring will roll around once more and we can all shed the coats and quiet calamity of this brutal winter. January will be a bad memory recalled only on another New Year’s day when we again face the beast of a month and brace ourselves against its coming onslaught.


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