New Edition We Are Mars Released

You may have seen it. You may even have downloaded it during the Leap Year promotion run at the end of February. Either way, it’s out there in its third edition. We Are Mars has greeted 2020 in style with a cover refresh, brand new graphics plates and a complete revision on the text to give it a bit of extra shine.

I am proud to say this book is now better than ever and ready for readers worldwide. It was a labour of love to produce an exciting new edition and bring you an expanded view of the world I’ve imagined for the Rubicon settlement on Mars. I also took the time to revise the copy based on feedback over the past two years which has helped me hone the story to a greater clarity. Rubicon comes to life better than ever, bringing you all the drama, all the danger and all the excitement in a great looking, new package.

The best part of creating a new edition is how exciting it is to reshare this wonderful book with you all. We Are Mars is where it all starts, and I feel this new edition really does it justice.

Check it out at Amazon:

US amzn.to/2vk0MBx

CA amzn.to/2Pt8WOX

UK amzn.to/32s5QQy

AU amzn.to/3ccq5X2

and more.


Thank you to everyone who participated in my Leap Year giveaway. I really hope you enjoy the books and come back to Amazon to leave a rating and review.

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