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Break the Dark is here!

I am so happy to announce the long-awaited and eagerly anticipated arrival of the third Rubicon Saga novel, Break the Dark. The paperback is available through Amazon now and the Kindle version launches on December 1st, 2020.

2020 has taken it’s toll on all of us and it took me a little longer to get this book to market because of factors beyond my control. This means I’m as thrilled it’s here as you are. Already, some of my most avid fans have bought paperbacks and placed their pre-orders. The excitement for the arrival of this story has genuinely touched me. I am so grateful for your support and enthusiasm. I can’t adequately convey what this means to me. THANK YOU.
Is there anything more thrilling for an author than the excited clamoring of  readers when a new book arrives? I think not! It is thrilling, touching and, best of all, motivating!
But enough gushing. Let me tell you about the book . . .
Break the Dark is the epic, action-packed conclusion to the Rubicon Saga which began with We Are Mars, continued with Storm At Dawn and finds us up to our necks in trouble in the third act. In this book, we reunite with the characters from Rubicon – Jaxon, Dana, Lenny, Chuck, Colonel White and Zane Cobbs. Separated groups each face harrowing challenges to their survival and they must find a way to secure their future or be lost to the dark forever. Mars once again offers a stunning backdrop to a story of survival, courage, love, heartbreak and fear. Earth is a distant enemy to some and ally to others, but for the most part, isolation is the biggest threat to survival for our brave characters.
In the closing chapters intrigue and suspense abound with many questions asked and answered. Relationships are tested and choices are made which seal the fate of everyone on Mars.

I am thrilled that you have stayed with me and these intrepid characters through the many challenges they’ve faced, and the ebb and flow of relationships. I really hope you enjoy Break the Dark.

Reviews are always appreciated and a short note on how you found the story would be wonderful.

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