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Reviews for A DARK GENESIS: Goodreads, Amazon

Go to A Dark Genesis to read more about this story and the coming Journey to Vega novellas.

“Perfect for fans of movies like Event Horizon or Alien, or video games like Dead Space.”


The Rubicon Saga – We Are Mars, Storm At Dawn and Break the Dark.

Reviews for WE ARE MARS: Goodreads, Amazon, Youtube

“We Are Mars sucked me into the story from the very first chapter, and didn’t let me go until I’d finished the whole book!”

Reviews for STORM AT DAWN: Goodreads, Amazon, Youtube

“Terrific world-building. You feel for the main characters and want them to succeed. And against all odds, you hope that they will.”

Reviews for BREAK THE DARK: Goodreads, Amazon, Youtube

“I love that things just feel real. It’s very grounded.”