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I’m Cheryl Lawson. I also go by my married name, Bezuidenhout. I am an artist and writer living in Nova Scotia, Canada.

I have made art in various mediums my whole life. Art is a passion and in recent years, I’ve discovered a new passion in writing. I also write regularly and have independently published six books in various genres since 2014.

I love science fiction and have been a life-long fan of franchises such as Star Trek and Stargate, Marvel comics, etc. My recent art includes many pieces of fan art which I love doing because it taps into my enjoyment of cinema and television.

If you have any questions about my work as an artist or as a writer, please use the contact form to send me a message.

Thank you for visiting my art and writing website. Be sure to browse the galleries and stories I have loaded for your pleasure.


Past events, highlights and book signings

How to Pick the Best Childrens Books to Give as Gifts meme

Welcome to digital drawing!

After creating with various media my whole life, I finally decided to take the plunge and try digital drawing. I use Adobe Fresco on my iPad, and an Apple Pencil to do the art. There’s a lot to learn, but as the program is very intuitive, and I am familiar with Adobe products from using them for over 30 years, I am comfortable and happy in this great, new drawing experiment. My very first successful artwork has already sold copies and I’m thrilled to be producing more pieces ongoing.

How to Pick the Best Childrens Books to Give as Gifts meme
How to Pick the Best Childrens Books to Give as Gifts meme

Hello Blue Sky and Threads social media!

After leaving Twitter before it became ominous X), I took a break from social media, moved across country from British Columbia to Nova Scotia. In September, I created two new social media accounts. Blue Sky Social, and you can find me there with this link, and Meta’s Threads (an offshoot of Instagram). You can find me on Threads if you follow me on Instagram. The handle is the same.

Both experiences are positive and I have great engagements with writing and art communities on both.

Tanya Packer store exclusive accesories featuring Cheryl Lawson's art

I’ve recently had the incredible opportunity to contribute art and photos to an awesome collection of accessories and merchandise at the Tanya Packer Store. It helped me explore the merchandising side of my art business.

photo from tv news

An art exhibit with some of my watercolours is seen on the local news, 2019.

Commissioned and other artworks

Some of the artworks I’ve made for other people in 2021.

photo of a tweet response from Star Trek official

That time I got a comment from Star Trek Official on a fan artwork!

photo of KSWA write-a-thon attendees

Kamloops Society for the Written Arts 2020 virtual Write-A-Thon.

presentation poster

Thompson Nicola Regional Libraries hosted a virtual talk I gave on science fiction, 2020.

photo of author booth at comic con

Booth at Kelowna Comic Con, 2018. As a side note, this is the year Denise Crosby from Star Trek TNG spoke to me at my booth.

Cheryl at Kelowna Comic Con

Kelowna Comic Con, 2019, where I launched the paperback version of Storm At Dawn.

photo of tv interview

Literary Heist magazine requested to publish a drawing I did in 2019 called Birdbox in the Birches.

photo of tv interview

Local TV station interview to promote the launch of We Are Mars, 2018.

Cheryl at writing event

Surrey International Writer’s Conference book signing event

photo of book signing event

Book signing at Indigo, Southpoint (Surrey, BC) early 2019.

photo pf book signing event

Book signing at the Barriere Festival, 2018.

web page national geographic

National Geographic feature of my photo for the Photo of the Day in June 2014.

photo of canvas print photo of White Rock pier

A canvas print of a photo I took of White Rock pier that was commissioned as a retirement gift in 2009.