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A page dedicated to the most fun an artist can have with their materials! My fan art spans many fan universes and includes some of my favourites, including Star Trek and Marvel. Enjoy!
Art from nature is both inspirational and uplifting to do. It draws on the beauty of our world to share the magic and miracle of our environment and the creatures we cohabit alongside in this world.
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Whether you want a book cover design or a commissioned piece like a pet portrait or a  gift for a special someone, we should talk about what I can do. I love doing work for my clients who have been thrilled with the results.
I have a deep love of photography, and although I don’t actively pursue it anymore, I have a wide range of images I have produced both for my own enjoyment, and for clients. I’ve even had a photo featured on National Geographic in 2014.
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I love coming up with original work and using my imagination to create fresh takes on well-worn subjects. I incorporate this approach in my art, writing and photography.