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When Skye Matthews’s father dies unexpectedly, she must travel to rural Montana to help her sister, Emma, bring the cattle down from their summer pastures in the Rockies. The cattle drive is a way to honor their father’s memory, and the women set out intent on bringing the cattle home the way their dad used to. An injured cow puts Skye in the path of the charming and warm local veterinarian, Chase “Mac” McCullum. After a rocky start, full of fireworks and doubt, things look set to work out between her and Mac when tragedy strikes again, and Skye must be patient. There are no guarantees Mac will find his way to back to her. Can Skye wait for Mac to heal as she has done, or will she move on, devoting herself to saving the family ranch?

AVALANCHE – An epic alpine adventure romance


this is the first romance book in a long while that hooked me from the first page and kept me turning late into the night. I did not want this story to end. It’s so addictive, it feels like a novella. I wanted more! Amazon Reviewer

Everyone knows it’s not a good idea to ski in the back country alone. Everyone except Captain AJ Blackwell, an ex-British Special Forces soldier, who is as large as he is intimidating.
Caroline August, co-pilot of the helicopter that will take him to the start of his adventure, is unexpectedly flung at his mercy when things go horribly wrong. The sassy and brave Caroline is forced to endure the company of the enigmatic AJ Blackwell. They must survive in the winter wilderness until a rescue can be mounted.
Not only must Caroline struggle with the harsh environment, she must fight a growing attraction to AJ that appears to be mutual.
Nothing goes to plan for Caroline and AJ, even when they find themselves not battling to survive, but trying to start a new life. Can they cling to what’s between them, or will life’s unpredictable flow rip them apart?

Avalanche book cover
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