Photo gallery with mix of types and styles of photography and subject matter

In June 2014, I submitted this photograph to National Geographic and a few days later, they emailed me to tell me it had been selected to be featured on their website as the Photo of the Day. I was thrilled. This was a pinnacle moment for my photgraphy. I loved the photo of my sulking tulips and was so glad that National Geographic’s photography editors thought it was worth the feature.

national geographic webpage snapshot

I have done a lot of client photography work, in a range of genres and industries.
I have shot photos on location and in a studio.

photo of Cheryl with canvas print of photo
photo for a spa brochure
photo montage of bike pics
photos of posters for kayak seller
photo of paddles
photo montage of bike parts
photo of tulips

To this day, I have photographs on a few stock libraries, including iStock and Shutterstock. This is a picture of a tulip field that is available via the photo library.