The Rubicon Chronicles – coming soon as free to access!

Welcome to the Rubicon Chronicles, an in-depth exploration of the world and characters that inhabit the Mars settlement of Rubicon as seen in We Are Mars, Storm At Dawn and Break the Dark.
story montage

STORY ONE: From Dream to Reality – The Making of Rubicon.

STORY TWO: G-Mods vs Non-Gens: A Society Divided.

STORY THREE: Jaxon Fields – Born a Martian

STORY FOUR: Dana – G-mod Queen

STORY FIVE: Chronicles Vignettes – Darius, Lenny, Chuck & Ridley

STORY SIX: Asteroids, Meteorites and Mars

STORY SEVEN: New Dawn, City of The Caesars on Mars

STORY EIGHT: The Death of Toni Delaney

STORY NINE: Return to Rubicon – Part One

STORY TEN: Return to Rubicon – Part Two