Flash Fiction (mixed genres)


“Who’s your ideal spouse?”
“Someone who doesn’t ask questions.” I winked.
“What kinds of questions? All questions, or specific ones?”
I glared.
“And why don’t you like questions?”
She grinned. I sipped my coffee.
“Good thing we’re not married.”
“You’d be dead.”
(Twitter vss365 prompt: spouse).

Something occurred to her — through everything that had happened, the crash, the hike in the snow, her injury — he had been stern but kind. Her wellbeing had been his top priority, even if he hadn’t said as much. Caroline knew she was safe in AJ’s hands. (Twitter vss365 prompt: kind)

“Hi, could you help me with something?”
“You’re the new neighbour, right?”
He was straight out of GQ – handsome, mysterious.
I smiled. “Declan’s the name. Do you know how to turn the sprinklers off?”
“It’s an easy fix.”
And my easy in.
He’d never know I’d turned them on.
(Twitter vss365 prompt: neighbour)
Her name was Primrose Porter, & she was the most beautiful creature I’d ever seen. I was struck by her serene innocence. A protective instinct surged in me to shelter her from a world threatening to rip it away.
“He’s dead?”
“Yes, ma’am, & I have questions for you.”
(Twitter vss365 prompt: primrose

He waited. Time ticked by. Guests murmured. He didn’t want to believe that events from the day before foreshadowed her delayed appearance, but his bride-to-be was already 2 hours late. They had fought. She had cried.He had begged, and now it seemed certain she had lied.

(Twitter VSS365 prompt: foreshadow)

Truth, Lies and Stranger Things

On her hands and knees, she crawled blindly through the dark pipe, whimpering.
Putrid filth oozed down the slimy walls.
The stink was overwhelming, but it meant she was still alive.
A cold, rough hand wrapped firmly around her ankle.
“Going somewhere, Beth?”

(Twitter satsplat flash fic)

Too quiet in the woods.
Can’t swallow.
Dry panic claws at me.
Scraping noises on the forest floor.
They’re here.
Painful memories of piercing tentacles lance my brain.
The cliff – it’s high, but it’s the only way out.
Dying is easier than what they will do to me.

(Twitter satsplat flash fic)

The empty swing swayed to and fro.
To and fro.
To and fro.
Slowing to a chain-jangling stop.
The bell had rung.
Then twice.
The beat of tiny feet crescendoed, then died away.
The deserted playground was joyless,
once more.

Trust me, he said! It’ll be fine, he said!”

She glared at the crumbling bridge, the chasm below threatening to swallow them whole.

“I’ll get us out. Hold on!” Flynn grabbed her around the waist, grabbed the vine, & swung like Tarzan to the far side.

Edie shut her eyes.

(Twitter VSS365 prompt: trust)