It’s been several weeks since I last wrote or did writing-related tasks.

I’ve been on a break and during that time, I’ve discovered a love for creating fan art. And wouldn’t you know it, other people are loving it too?! I’m thrilled that something that started out as a way to take a little me-time has turned into a fun and absorbing way to pass the time while my writing brain rests. It is almost as if when one creative channel slowed, the other began to pick up momentum. I’m fortunate that this ebb and flow can be transcribed into words or images for myself and others to enjoy, and in turn create a small legacy of my time on this planet.

I’m being kept busy discovering all the great fan universes out there and I’ve barely scratched the surface. So far — and rather obviously, if you know me — Star Trek has taken centre stage for me. I have done two works, one of the Starship Enterprise from the original Star Trek movies, and one of Deep Space Nine and the wormhole that characterizes that series. I’m a long way from done with Star Trek, visions filling my mind of what can come next.

I am grateful to those fans that have already expressed their enjoyment of my artwork. It is a joy to do this work for myself and I’m learning to let go and just enjoy doing it for others too. It’s incredibly gratifying to get a comment of a post from the official Twitter account of the Star Trek franchise. It’s made my year that they think my art is worth their attention and praise.

Enjoy the pieces I’ve included in this article that I have created over the short time I’ve been doing this work. Stay tuned for more!

Drawing of Uhura
Drawing of the Mandalorian