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If you haven’t read a good science fiction horror tale this year yet, might I suggest you try A Dark Genesis? It’s a quick read, perfect for weekend readers and anyone who doesn’t have a lot of time to spare, but still loves picking up a fun, fast-paced read.
What’s great about A Dark Genesis is that it is a stand-alone story in a new series I’m writing about a fleet of ships that are bound for the Vega Star system. These generation ships transport thousands of people out into deep space and the premise is that their descendants will one day populate a far-away world in the Vega system. The challenges of living on a generation ship are the backdrop for the series in which the Vega ship occupants must overcome challenges and setbacks that threaten their survival. Some stories have a horror bent, others are more thriller-mystery and all of them have some humor to light the path. Not all sci-fi needs to be serious and scary.

Enjoy the books and leave reviews! Thanks for reading A Dark Genesis.

Coming soon: Erebus. How do you defeat the power of primordial evil?